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Monday, May 10, 2010

Update on the Rental Car Disaster

I called Customer Service today and they said that since it's a claims issue, I have to take it up with the location. In other words, the same people who are trying to screw us. They did give me the name of the general manager--not the guy I dealt with last night. But if she doesn't help (I left VM), or if she's in league with them, we have no other recourse. I suppose, I can try to fight the charge on my credit card.

I tried calling again this morning and didn't even get an answer. I was on hold for more than 20 minutes. I had to hang up. I tried several more times and finally got her voicemail again. Now that I have her extention number, I can call her directly and leave another voicemail without waiting on hold.

After a fourth voicemail, she finally called me back but told me I had to speak with someone else and gave me his extension and transferred me. And, of course, I ended up in voicemail. I called again over an hour later and again, got voicemail.

He finally called and said he'll look into it on his end. At least he spoke to me respectfully but I don't trust anyone at that company yet. We'll see.


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