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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

I love writing, but sometimes it's hard

The swapping chapters thing started out fairly well. I was writing a chapter of each story in about three weeks each. But now....

I think when I finished Chapter 11 of The Journey, I could easily have gone on writing Chapter 12 and ended the story. I even thought about doing so when Chapter 13 of Faith proved so hard (because of one scene I was stuck on until I found myself pacing around a gazebo in the park near my house). But I didn't. I stuck it out. I wrote Faith 13.

Now it's The Journey's turn and well...I'm not there anymore. I'm trying to be there. In fact, I just reread over chapters 10 and 11. And I found a bunch of typos in chapter 11. And with not quite up to par yet, I can't upload a fresh copy.... But anywho.... I've written four paragraphs and they just don't seem to flow with the story. And I'm getting sleepy.

Such cruel irony! I want to write and yet I can't.

And my imagination really wants me to continue with Faith, chapter 14. I know just how it will start! But my TYR readers have been waiting quite a while for the end of this story. And I'm so close to the end. One chapter and it is done! Then I won't have to worry anymore about trying to have my imagination keep up with the chapter swapping. One more chapter and it's all Faith from there.

And I guess I'm stalling by sitting here writing in a blog....


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