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Friday, July 02, 2004

One kitty comes, another kitty goes

First, LeStat, one of Sister #4's kitties came back to live with me on Tuesday after being neutered. However, he is not integrating well with the other cats. He even attacked Poodie yesterday evening. Poodie, you have to know, is my most mellow cat. He doesn't get too worked up about much but the vaccuum monster. Yes, monster. LeStat had started his growly thing and Poodie walked away. About half a room away. LeStat couldn't leave well enough alone. He went right up to Poodie and jumped him. And not in a playful way.

So, he's off to a no-kill shelter today. He needs to be in a one-cat family, I think. I wished he could fit in, but that just shows an agressive streak.

So if LeStat is the kitty that goes, who is the one that is coming? Belle! As in Thumbellina. We can't call her Lina for short because we already call Zmrzlina that. So Belle it is. And it fits. She's beautiful....and she has extra toes that look like thumbs on her paws. If ever a cat looked like she had mittens, it's this little kitty.

She's about 11 weeks old, which puts her observed birthday right around the same time as mine. So we'll share the day! She is kind of a gray tabby, with some other colors mixed in there and a mostly white undercoat. And she's fuzzy. I predict that we'll see some Maine Coon features as she grows!

Unlike LeStat, Belle is doing a fine job of integrating and I only got her just last night. Lina has gotten the closest so far. She's curious but still a little stand-off-ish. Still, she got to within a foot of Belle without hissing. And at one point Rigby was under the couch and Belle went right in under there, maybe less than four feet from Rigby. He didn't run off or swat at her or anything. I didn't even hear any hissing, though it was hard to tell when I wasn't under the couch with them. As for Poodie, well, he mostly kept his distance, but I think the thing with LeStat put him in a "leave me alone" attitude for the evening.

I had hoped things would work out with LeStat, but it just won't if he's that agressive with my cats. The shelter will hopefully find someone to adopt him. He's cute and loveable with people.

Belle, I'm glad to say, looks like she has a lovely future in my now 4-cat household! So now I have 9, 4, and 1-year-olds and a baby. Their birthdays are in April, May, June, and July (not respectively), which is kind of neat, too.


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