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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Sometimes you just gotta stick with it.

It turns out, I was able to start my chapter off yesterday. I managed to stay awake reading those previous two chapters (the typos probably helped keep me conscious) and went back to look at those four paragraphs I'd written. There were two for Buck's POV and two for Jenny's. They weren't bad, really, but they weren't really going anywhere. I could tell I wasn't in the story.

Because I felt I could tackle Jenny better at this point, and maybe it would work best to have her start out the chapter, I swapped the scenes. Then I worked again with Jenny, starting where I'd left off. I had to acknowledge the monotony of just riding in a buckboard for hours on the way to town. That was part of the problem. Nothing was going to happen. The other part of the problem was that no one was talking.

So I had her look at Jimmy who was riding beside the buckboard and I thought about what she might see in him. So I had to think how he would feel and what that would look like on him. And then he started talking. Small talk, to pass the time, but it worked. It ended up bringing out some significant dialogue. I got into the story, into the writing, and I think I can write this chapter now.

Today, I'm going to try tackling Buck's POV.


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