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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Yes, I'm working on Faith

Not meaning to sound testy there. Excited is more like it. I was able to get some writing done yesterday and I'm managing my way back into Bashir's head, addled as it is. Poor boy.

It's actually fun writing on the edge of insanity. The character, I mean, not the writer. ;-)

So, I have Bormann's POV, then Bashir's. I think an update with Riker is up soon, but I also need to give a tidbit with the Defiant crew. They won't be featured heavily in this part of the story. There's just no way I could keep it from being a thousand-chapter story if I did. Besides, it gets rather repetitive when keeping to the Bashir-side of the plot. I could run more with the battle that is distracting them from the Bashir-side of the plot, but it's a huge space battle, something I don't have a lot of experience writing. And, the space-battle, is not the main plot. will be mentioned, but not heavily. Just enough to let the reader know where the Defiant folks are and why they aren't racing to the rescue.


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