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Monday, June 30, 2003

Not a stitch

How does one write a stitch anyway? I wouldn't know as I didn't manage to write one this weekend. I was on quite a role Thursday while doing the laundry. But once the dryers said the laundry was done, I had to hustle and fold the clothes. I had to put the Clie down mid-scene and I found it hard to pick up the scene again when the few opportunities presented themselves on the canoe trip.

I am toying with an idea for Buck now that he's back in town and very close to decision time. What if he started to feel the pain again? In the spririt world this time. Would it be when he is leaning towards deciding to die? Or when he's leaning toward life? If he dies, his pain ends, so that might be reason to make the pain on the life side. If he choses life, he has to go through the pain. Makes the decision harder, and it certainly wasn't meant to be easy. The deck was stacked against him on purpose, and this would just add another card to the pile.

I'd like to finish this story this week so I can get back to Faith. One or two good writing days and this story could be in the bag.

House news: Not good. Seller doesn't want to cooperate with the program that could get me a 20% grant for a down payment from the city. This had me in tears last night. If you're the praying type, perhaps you could pray for a softening of the heart. Or that God will show me the better house He has planned. He did that with the car I now own. I had my heart set on a different one, and when things didn't work out for getting it, He showed me a better one and even sweetened the deal financially with an extremely low interest-rate. He can do immeasuably more than we can ask or imagine.


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