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Saturday, June 14, 2003

Sometimes life just doesn't cooperate

I turned down lunch with a friend today because I wanted to work on that chapter. I'm on a roll and I could just write and write if given the time. At work, I get lunchtime. So I thought I'd sit at my desk and write. But first, I had to take my paycheck to the bank. The bank is about four blocks away. It would only take five minutes or so then I'd be able to write the rest of the time.

But no. The bank didn't have any electricity. Not even for the ATM. So I had to drive to a different branch. And I'd put the actual food portion of lunch off for this. And I was starving! So I drive to the other branch and get to the ATM only to find that the PIN I had wasn't for the ATM but for the phone banking system. Grrrr. So I go to the counter. Fortunately, there was no line, and they had a platter of cookies there. That helped my stomach.

Still, by the time I got back to the office, forty minutes of my lunch hour was gone. Eating took another seventeen. Leaving me a whole three minutes in which to write.


Still, I managed to make some progress today. Word of Buck's immanent arrival has reached Lou and Rachel back in Rock Creek.


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