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Friday, June 27, 2003

The journey is almost over

Last night was a very busy night. After work, I met with my broker to go over the seller's counter-offer. I won't bore you with all the details, but we had to check out the electricity in the house. My sister's friend is an apprentice electrician, so he came out and okayed the place. We decided to proceed with trying to buy the house. But we want the seller to do something about the guttering. It's not all there.

After looking over the house again, my broker took me to dinner. Then I got home around 10. Wouldn't have been a problem except that I had to do laundry, pack for a camping trip, and take a shower before I could go to bed.

I couldn't pack while I was at the laundromat though, so I took my trusty Clie, and I wrote. I'm about halfway through the last chapter of The Journey now. Teaspoon is angsty and Buck is watching from the spirit world. Meanwhile, the doctor has given a grim prognosis. Tompkins even had a nice moment until the past got in the way.

Today, I'm exhausted. Four hours of sleep just isn't enough. I'm just trying to survive the last hour of the workday, then it's off to camping and canoeing. With my Clie and a notebook in case I find some time to write.


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