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Friday, July 16, 2004

Marathon Anyone?

Me! Yep, a marathon. No, I'm not running one. Walking, yes; running, no. I can already walk 4 mph and have walked for at least 5 miles and I've got until January to train, so I am confident that I can walk the whole 26.2 miles. In Bermuda!

How and why am I doing this? The American Stroke Association has only one fundraising program. Train to End Stroke is it. I registered last night for training, the trip, and the marathon. The catch is I have to fundraise, of course. And I need to raise at least $4000 to do it.

That's not so bad really. I actually need $4100 but my registration fee went toward that total. So I really have only $4000 left to go! That means only 40 people need to donate $100. Or 80 need to donate $50. Or just 152 people need to donate just $1 a mile. It's doable!

And I plan on having a Pampered Chef fundraising party as well. 40% of the proceeds there go to the fund, and the people who donate get to keep the products they buy.

Did you know that strokes can happen to anyone at any age, even children? Or that strokes kill more women every year than breast cancer? Or that stroke is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US behind heart disease and all kinds of cancer? Chances are, you know someone who has had a stroke. And it could even happen to you. At least 70% of the money donated goes directly to the cause, and most of what is raised by us here in KC stays in the heartland area. In fact, in our area, the ASA is striving for even more of the funds to go to the cause. Last year they only used only 22% for operating expenses, with the other 78% going to the fund.

If you are reading this blog, would you consider donating even just $1 a mile? That's just $26. E-mail me: gabrielle dot ainae at gmail dot com (Obviously, you need to put that altogether. I'm just trying to keep the spammers away.)

I'll keep an update on my progress here in my blog and on my Kintera website that I should have soon for tracking donations and such.

Wish me luck!


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