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Monday, July 21, 2003

A very busy weekend

But not busy with writing. I did write a bit on Friday. I realized I'd left out a scene that needed to be in Chapter 13 of Faith if it were to fit in the timeline. So I went back and added that. Then I tried to work on Chapter 14 and my Clie got errors and had to be reset. Then it kept doing that every time I'd try to open my word processor. I had to hard reset. Grrr. I lost some spreadsheets when I did that. But none of the writing.

Saturday was too busy with House, Elf Dress, kittens, and taking my nephew to the hospital, so I didn't write. Heck, I didn't get home until 5 am Sunday morning!

Which means I woke up late for church. After church was a lake event that I left early, crashing for a nap at my sister's house, going to a Dino concert, grocery shopping, and talking to my friend Dwim in Chicago until midnight. So no writing then either.


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