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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Diet and Training Update

The diet is going well! I've lost 25 pounds and feel a lot better about my appearance! I had a break day (a day off the diet--I get one a month) on Sunday and promptly gained 1.5 pounds, but lost them again the next day! And there are so many more low-calorie snacks out now that it's quite easy to not feel like I'm going hungry. Only problem is that there is such a variety out there that I want to eat those snacks and thus end up limiting my calories for dinner. I need 520 for a frozen pizza and a cup of milk, 400 for waffles and milk, but less for some other things.

And training. I've kept up-to-date, mostly, with the schedule I was given for the time before Kick-off. I walked a total of 10 miles last week, and I've already walked 9 this week. And so far, I'm keeping my pace of 4mph through it. The longest distance I've walked at one time, so far, is 5 miles and it took just 1 1/25 hours. I need to walk three miles on Wednesday (though I may have to switch to Thursday because of choir practice) and then 6 miles to start next week on Saturday.

The four miles yesterday was a lot easier than the four miles last Saturday, but that could be contributed to the weather perhaps as much as to my training. It rained on Saturday while I walked. And it was still quite cool last evening. It should be a bit warmer tomorrow and Thursday so we'll see how I do.

No. :-( I haven't written anymore of The Honored.


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