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Monday, November 17, 2003

Life is annoying somtimes, and yes, I have written

Let's get the part about writing out of the way. I've been writing and I've gotten to an exciting, tricky part. Now, if life will stop being annoying long enough, I can get into writing it. I don't want to spoil, but it will probably be something unheard of in Star Trek fanfiction (or fiction for that matter) to my knowledge.

The annoying. Money, or the lack thereof. In this case, I'm not the cause of my lack of money. No, my sister/roommate is. She is working, but not making enough money and thus cannot pay her whole half share of bills or her rent. Thus, I am paying the bills in full and then getting little bits of money from her sporadically. I can only see this probably getting worse and her owing me more and more and more and . . . . It's getting scary.

Thus, as she should be--and perhaps is--, I am looking for ways in which I can make extra money. I do freelance techsupport and have one gig lined up for that. I also thought about the fact that, well, I sew. If you go look at Ainaechoiriel's dresses, you'll see what I/she am/is capable of. I'd be willing to make dresses for someone else. I made that second one in about a week. I could have a dress done for someone else in time for the Return of the King premier. I'll make sure Ainaechoiriel puts a note about this in her blog.

So, if you would like a dress/costume for the premier if The Return of the King (or just 'cause you want one), give me a ring: via e-mail.


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