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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tailbone better, writing better....

I have been writing! Or rather the secret penname has. For nearly an hour each night during the week last week. Unfortunately, we've been too busy since then.

We're (my husband and me) are trying to fix our house to sell it. We have a lot to do and on top of not stopping our usual lives. We both work full-time and he goes to class 3 times a week. In addition, we teach Sunday School, I'm in the choir, and we signed up for a Russian class.

Yikes. It means we have one day a week we can do big jobs. Saturday. So this last Saturday we re-tiled the bathroom floor. And it was hard work. Even with peel-and-stick tile! We removed the old tile and laid the new tile down in a diagonal pattern. We had to finish the closet Sunday evening after Russian class.

We have to pull all our carpets up and paint the floors with Kilz before the end of the month if we want to take advantage of bulky item pick up in the city. It's on or about March 3rd for us.

We also want to go out of town that weekend. It's our anniversary that weekend and we really want to visit Biltmore in North Carolina. We just don't know if we can pull it off financially. We have set aside money for vacations, but this will take nearly all of it. Or more.

On a good note, my tailbone hurts a lot less. And the bend in my tailbone was apparently there last year, so not a result of this fall. I guess if I'd lived with it all this time, I can live with it now.

Now, it is time to for my daily nap-in-my-car at lunchtime.

    Status of Stories
  • Secret penname's: working on Chapter 8
  • Everything else, just where it was before.


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