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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I Hate Active Directory

All I wanted was an FTP site of my own. I had IIS. It should have been possible. But no matter what I would try, I could not access it from outside my network. So I switched from NT 4.0 to Windows 2000. Well hit a snag there. FTP and HTTP worked, but the domain didn't. I could browse the server from my clients but I couldn't browse the clients from the server or the other clients. Nor could I add domain users to the Local Groups on the clients. Everything said the domain couldn't be found or didn't exist. Even on the server.....

Very annoying.

So I tried something one of the network admins at work suggested, regarding DNS. It didn't actually hurt, but it didn't help either. And in the process, I lost a computer. I had wanted to swap video cards in it for awhile. And since this suggestion involved shutting down the clients, I thought it was a good time to do the swap. In the end, I tried 6 differnet video cards, 4 of them AGP, 1 ISA, and 1 PCI, and none of them worked in that computer. 2 of the AGPs worked in a different computer--and neither one of those were the one I had or the one I'd swapped. So not only were those two video cards killed, so was the motherboard.....

I now have a new video card, which helped to deplete my paycheck. I'm waiting on the motherboard, which didn't get in the mail before the holiday.

And now, this week, the FTP and HTTP don't work either. Fun, fun, fun. I hate Active Directory. I'm reading Active Directory for Dummies now in the hopes that it will make some sense out of all this.

On a happier note: I'm only 110 pounds! Yes, the diet is over and successfully, too! Now I'm on to maintenance, which will take a little getting used to. I weigh myself everyday, so I see every fluctuation. I know I can't panic about every fluctuation, but I know from when I was dieting, what I eat matters. If I take in just a few more calories, I'm liable to go up half a pound. Even if I exercise. So I feel like I'm on a perpetual diet. Aw, heck, it's only been one day so far. We'll see how it goes as time goes on.

No, still no writing. Thinking about money, computers, and Active Directory. All of that's getting in the way of fiction. And voting season is almost here for the MEFAs. Eek!


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