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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Keeping it short

My hands are hurting so I won't be able to write much. I want to look back in this blog to see when I first noted the pain in my hands. Gives me a "when" I have trouble remembering. I know it was sometime in the early summer. I'm going on a year.

Anyway, I wanted to say I've updated the Christian Adoption Club's website and added a few new features. Now if I can just get some new members we can really start doing things. I also added a few pages for my secret penname's story to my Star Trek stories page. But it's password protected! You have to guess what the name is in order to see the story. Or it wouldn't be secret, would it? Go here if you want to guess. You'll be there for reason #2 and directions are there on how to try. If you get it right, do keep me a secret and don't tell anyone else. Let them guess for themselves.

In house news, Rob finished painting the main bedroom last night while I painted one of the shelves that's going to hold our TV. I also painted two patches we had in the bathroom but the one by the light was cracked and had to be patched again. Grrr... We also got a new oven last week.

In computer news, I gave one away to a friend who had a dinosaur and could help us install our water heater. So that covers house, too. And then I tried to install Ubuntu Linux. Terribly hard if you don't have a lot of RAM. I finally had to download a fourth CD (1st two were corrupt), this time an alternate one. Then the install went fine. I now have a Linux computer but I have have to learn how to iron out its kinks. Like why it won't let me remotely control it today when I had that set up yesterday.

    Status of Stories
  • Secret's story: trying to type chapter 9, but my hands hurt.
  • others where I left 'em

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