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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Letting up?

Is it letting up? I'm not sure. My mom started in me finally. But then she wrote me a somewhat nice e-mail. She said I was wrong and went way overboard, but she also said she was sorry about the way things went and, in caps, that she still loves me.

Still one thing, as evidenced by her next e-mail, I think she's missing the point on is this: my sister's problems became my problems. I was paying her bills and mine and I was (and still am) running out of money. Sometimes I think the rest of my family thinks I have a money tree growing in the back yard. I couldn't wait six months for my sister to get her act together. I didn't have the money for it, and she would owe me over $3000 by then. Besides, I don't think we could have lived together that long without being at each other's throats, even if money wasn't the issue.

I feel like my family holds me to some impossibly high standard, but a scewed standard at that. And of course, I fall short. I don't think they hold themselves to that high a standard.

Oh, one other think, my sister (the one who "lives" with me) and I had a pleasant conversation, including two aspects of this whole money-fiasco: insurance and kittens. Her two kittens will go elsewhere until she can afford to get them fixed. She will get her own insurance next month. This won't keep me from having higher rates because of the wreck she just had, though. I got quite upset over that (not in that conversation) the day before.

But anyway, writing. Nope, haven't done it. I've thought about it though. So that's a step in the right direction. I may even try it tonight.


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