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I'm multifaceted and highly educated. I have a BA in History and an MA in Museum Studies. But I couldn't make a living in a museum, so my hobby--computers--became my living. I'm now a charter member Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician. I aspire to be a professional writer and/or poet. I am a Christian and have been living by His grace for the last four years or so, despite the MegaStress and now the GigaStress. He keeps me going, and displays His glory still, in my life.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

I Love my Computers

It's so nice to have them back! I finally got a good install on my server, after 6 tries. The web site an FTP site are also both working! Yay!. You can see the web site (which is just a copy of my other ones out there--and I haven't fixed all the links yet either) at this URL.

In other news, the kittens are doing fine. They are now 5 weeks old and very spunky. TabbyGirl (just temporary descriptive names for now) is turning out to be a long-haired beauty. Daddy must have been Maine Coon. Her twin, TabbyBoy, is also long-haired, just not as long. Bright Eyes looks just like her mother and is perhaps the spunkiest. Last night, while I crouched down to clean their litter box, she jumped right up on my back! She wanted attention! Dice is as adorable as ever, and I just love the black lines extending from Bila's (formerly WhiteGirl--Bila is "white" [fem.] in Czech) eyes. I think she should have an Egyption name when she gets adopted.

Money is very tight, and thus makes fundraising for the Train to End Stroke campaign a bit difficult. It costs $37 to by 100 stamps, for example. I've gotten only less than $600 in donations thus far. I need a lot more than that to go to the marathon. I'm not sure now if I'll be able to recommit in October.

And I got attacked by a dog, a Chow, on my walk around the neighborhood on Monday. I got started late and it was going to get dark, so I had decided to shorten it to only 2 or 3 miles. The dog got to me before I'd walked a half a mile. He didn't bite me, but he was loose and backed me up clear across the street. I was terrified. I didn't have any way to protect myself if he should bite me, so I just screamed and yelled for him to get back, never turning my back to him. I finally started edging down the street and he eventually backed off. I called Animal Control. I hope they came and got him or fined his owners or something. As it was, I only walked one mile and had a friend come get me and drive me home. I was afraid to walk the next day. I should walk tonight, but I don't know that I will. My last walk was Saturday, 8 miles, completed in less than 2 hours.

    Status of Stories
  • No, I haven't been writing. :-( Stress has kept me from it. Darn it.


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