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Friday, December 12, 2003

Money is still a problem, but sisterly stress has let up

Motherly stress went away as both my mom and I said we'd said our last. Mom doesn't bring it up anymore. Neither do I. At least, not to her.

Sisterly stress has fallen to a backburner. The situation has not been resolved with Sister #1. She's not talking to me and I'm thankful for it. I, of course, am not talking to her. I'm not going to admit that I'm a cold, compassionless, automaton. I think she has memory problems worse than mine. I won't bother with her until she retracts.

Presently, she has dislocated her shoulder so I'm pretty sure she's got other things on her mind. And yes, I did ask how she was doing and how she did it and all those sympathetic questions she doesn't think I'm capable of.

Sister #2. We haven't talked since our last pleasant conversation. Given Sister #1's shoulder, I'm sure the timetable for getting Sister #2's stuff and kittens has been pushed back a bit. A shame about the kittens. With three of them, I don't think my Christmas tree will last until Christmas. I'd have a better chance with only one.

So have I written?

Yes. Not much mind you. I would have to have the unfortunate luck to get stressed right when I was embarking on a very difficult bit, that never-before-seen stuff in Trek fanfic. Not easy to write and pull off. So I've only written a little. But at least I wrote. It's a breakthrough.

And I'm working with two betas to clean up any remaining problems in The Journey for posting to the Writer's Ranch. They are also going to take a look at The Hardest Thing so maybe I can find an ending for that short story. We'll see.


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