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Thursday, December 18, 2003

The Return of the King!!!!

Okay, did that get your attention?

I went to the midnight show, or rather Ainaechoiriel did. So much from this post will likely be duplicated word for word in her blog. We (ahem) were beautiful, if I do say so myself, in our dress! Quite a few people complimented us. And the ears never went on so well!

And then the movie played. Oh, it was spectacular, absolutely breathtaking. There were, of course, some disappointments with changes or missing parts, but there is always the Extended DVD that will most likely do much to remedy the worst of these. Still, it's worth seeing at least 8 times! I hope I can afford it. ;-)

And I actually squeaked during the coronation scene. Yep, squeaked. Just when you thought Legolas couldn't get anymore gorgeous. Gulp We were wrong! Be still my beating heart. I'm still swooning and it's been a day and half! I've so got to see this again soon!

I actually tried to write, but I can't get ROTK out of my head! I decided today to try and jump forward to the parts I think I can write, saving the harder stuff for last. I do want to finish Faith by Jan. 31st at the latest. Dec. 31 would be better, of course, but I doubt now that I'll make that deadline.

Oh, and I've almost got The Journey beta'd. One of the betas is done and the other is on Chapter 12. So that one will be improved and cleaned up and then, hopefully, I'll a) decide The Hardest Thing has a good enough ending already or b) find a new ending for it.


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