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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

A bit distracted

Unfortunately, there is sometimes a need for a lull after finishing a chapter. Thus it was after Chapter 16. Yes, I know I've got limitted time to finish chapter 17, and yet I find myself doing other things. Like working on my house.

This week, after showing someone my basement room that I'm trying to rent, I realized it needed some help. So I spent some money on home improvements. I bought some material and made curtains for the east wall in the basement. So the boarder won't have to look at that bare cement. I bought a closet bar to put up under the stairs, though we are still working on getting that put up. I (and my friend) fixed the deadbolt on my front door so now I can use it! Next paycheck, I'll try to fix the other one. We straightened up the storage are in the basement and brought in the card table and chairs. I also picked out paint for the dining room and bought it. We picked out paint for the basement but I ran out of money.

I won't start painting until February. I want to finish this story!

    Status of Stories
  • Faith, Part III: Peace Working on Chapter 17, even though I've been working on my house.
  • The Honored Right where I left it. 1 1/2 chapters done, one scene near the end.


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