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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Less than a month to go

...If I want to be eligible for the ASC Awards anyway. I've got to finish Faith III by the end of January.

Well, I'm on my way at least. I supposedly finished chapter 15 and am on chapter 16. I have a feeling, though, that I need to go back and give Bashir more time, and some mention of the Defiant's crew and the fight at the D'Nexi Lines.

Otherwise, for new stuff, I've done the big bang and now we're in the punishment phase. The punishment phase needs to give way to the evacuation phase. Then we're into the last chapter and the climax of the story. The epilogue will likely feature Section 31 and not really Bashir at all. Just tie up a couple loose ends.

But can I do all that in less than a month? Not if I don't get cracking.

    Status of Stories
  • Faith III: Peace May need additional stuff in 15, working on 16
  • The Honored Right where it was before. 1 1/2 chapters done, scene near the end.


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