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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Story update!

Well, I have been writing after all. I was bored last night and caught up with some other stuff (besides cleaning my house) and thought I should take the time to write. So I sat here at my computer, opened my text editor and got out chapter 15 of Faith. At first, I rushed it, wanting to get that chapter over with. But it was still far too short and well, rushed. So I went back and thought it through, added some stuff here or there, and voila! It's still short, but it might be done! Either that or I add the big boom (don't worry if you don't know that that is, I do try not to spoil here in my blog) at the end here and start chapter 16 with the aftermath of that.

And I've had more people say they like the present ending of The Hardest Thing than didn't like it. So I've posted it to . The Journey has been sent to the admins at The Writer's Ranch for posting there.

I haven't done this for awhile:

Status of Stories Update

    Status of Stories
  • Faith, Part III Nearly done with Chapter 15 (5th chapter).
  • The Honored This one hasn't gone anywhere in awhile, but it will when I finish Faith. 1 1/2 chapters written, a big scene near the end.
  • The Hardest Thing finished! And posted.
  • The Journey revised and posted.


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