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Friday, April 23, 2004

New Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards

Ainaechoiriel is convinced that I get more readers to my Blog than she does, so she wanted me to let everyone know about this.

Based on the alt.startrek.creative awards, in that they are comment-based, these Awards stand that chance of being great! If you read or write LOTR (or Silm or The Hobbit) fanfiction, please participate. Everyone who gets at least one vote gets something out of the awards: feedback! And we all know we could use more of that, right?

You have to join a YahooGroup to participate. Saves us from having to learn all that fancy coding. I know basic HTML and that's about it. So join the MEFAwards group at You can read the FAQ there, or if you want to read it before joining, try this site:

Know some good fan artists? We need them, too! Someone needs to make the banner graphic awards for us. There's a large variety that need to be made, as there are 14 main categories (and three prizes each!). We hope to get two banners submitted per prize so that we can have a contest for the banners as well.

    Status of Stories
  • The Honored Well, thanks to Documents to Go and Clie problems, I've had to redo my edits to chapter 1 about 6 times! But I finally got it, so I'm on my second round with chapter 2. Fortunately, I hadn't gotten very far the first time. I'm moving on now.
  • Purgatory Still thinking about it.
  • A sequel to The Journey? I've been fighting that plot bunny for awhile. If it ever does get through my defenses, it will have to wait until at least The Honored is done.


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