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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Reader it is

For the time being at least. The ASC Awards are upon us, and so I've been reading up on the two series I'll bother voting for. I've read just about every Enterprise story that interested me. There were four I couldn't find. Want a reccomendation? Daria's Loss. Nicely done story. And one that's not elligible but very good, Holy Angels Gaurd Thy Rest, by Mnemosyne. Not only is it a great story (have tissues handy) but the chapter titles make a very poignant poem as well. If that story was eligible, I could almost guarantee it would win Best ENT General Story, or perhaps Romance as it is does have a basis of Reed/Sato. Nothing graphic, mind you. You know I'm not into that. But sadly, I don't believe it was posted to alt.startrek.creative. Then again, it could have been in the years I wasn't paying much attention.

Next up, I shall turn my attention to eligible DS9 stories of interest. Voting for Enterprise starts March 1. For DS9, March 11. MIS will be at the end of the voting period.

Status of Stories: Same place where I left 'em. But I'm thinking of picking up Purgatory again. I may finish it myself if I can't get any other writers.


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