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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Slow Going at the ASC Awards

The other categories weren't slow, but there has hardly been any votes for MIS and Overall. None for me. :-( There's still time, so I'll not give up hope yet.

I'm still going through the previously-written parts of The Honored. But I did give ASC an April Fool's preview. I posted the first three pages, just enough so that Kira and Bashir were quite dead. I waited until after midnight and posted an admission of the joke, but said only two things in the post were non-truths: 1) that the story would be coming soon. It may take awhile yet. 2) That it was 7 years in the making. It will likely be 8 by the time I'm done.

And yet, I only got two reactions. :-( again.


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