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Friday, September 24, 2004

6-week-old Kittens and am I still in it?

The marathon training, I mean. I don't know. I'm getting discouraged, truth be told. I've got just over $600 in donations. Part of this is my fault. I haven't been dilligent enough about sending out letters and follow-ups. I also haven't had enough money in my budget to do that. I have, on the other hand, sent out 271 e-mails and almost as many follow-up e-mails. Also 100 letters. I've contacted 2 businesses and one of them has turned me down. I have less than 2 dozen donors.

The problem is that, if I want to recommit next month and say "Yes, no matter what, I'm going to walk in that marathon!", I have to have at least $4100 in donations. If I don't, and I still recommit, the remainder will go on my credit card. Yes, I can still keep fundraising up until 30 days after the race in order to be reimbursed, but can I really afford to risk that? Would you?

If I can't raise even $1000, why would I possibly think I could raise $3500 to reimburse back to my credit card.

The thing is I just can't seem to get people to donate. Maybe all my friends and contacts are in the same financial crunch that I am. I am going to try some more businesses and some famous people (Star Trek actors, hockey players). Maybe I'll get lucky.

I'm basically going on faith on this now. I have already bought another 100 stamps. I can't afford to buy any more. I will use the resources available to me now, without buying any more supplies. If God wants me to participate in the marathon, He will provide the other $3500 by recommitment. If He doesn't, I'll regretfully have to say "No, I can't walk though I'd love to. I can't afford to put this on my credit card."

On the physical front, I've not walked as often but I'm still walking just as fast. I did 8 miles two weeks ago in less than 2 hours. I did 5 miles on Saturday in less than 1:15. I'll try to walk tonight and group training will be on Saturday...if I wake up on time.

And on a much lighter note, the kittens are now 6 weeks old! I've had a request to get pics of them up on this blog. I'll have to look into that. I'm not sure how at the moment but I'll see if I can find out.


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