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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Four more years?

Well, you know the election results as much as I do. Bush has won another four years. I wonder how the environment will be by the time he's done. How high with the deficit be? How low will employment be? How many people below the poverty line? How many seniors clammoring for real help with perscriptions. Will Big Brother be watching, logging each book we buy or whether or not we put ketchup on our fries?

At least Ashcroft is gone. So that Big Brother won't be in the picture. But I'm sure Bush will replace him with someone just as objectionable.

Would it surprise you to know I'm an evangelical Christian who goes to church at least once a week?

See, not all of us vote Republican. It just feels that way. Especially in certain parts of the country. There's this assumption that if you are Christian, you vote Republican. Mostly because of abortion. Well, I'm Pro-Life, too, but I'm not going to base my whole vote on that one issue. I think Jesus cares about us being good stewards, of the planet and of money. What's the Republican record there? I think Jesus wants us to take care of the poor and the elderly. What has Bush done for them lately? I believe Jesus wants us to be peacemakers, not warmongers. Yes, sometimes war is left as the only option, but was that the case with Iraq? We were given two reasons for going to war, and they both have been proven to be false. More and more Americans die every day. Some of them aren't even soldiers. How many more will be beheaded? How many more suicide bombers will there be? I think we can all agree that Saddam Hussein is an evil man. But can we all agree that Bush really did everything before going to war? Was it his last resort? Why then did he lie to get us behind him?

I'm not feeling too good about the next four years. I didn't feel very good about the last four. The ecomony tanked; unemployment soared; the deficit sky-rocketed; environmental protections were eased and eased until they are hardly protecting anything anymore. Our allies don't trust us and our soldiers are dying. No, it has not been a good four years.

We've managed to keep Bush out of the Alaskan Wildlife Preserve for four years. Will we be able to do it for another four? Will we be able to pay off the deficit in our generation or will our children have to pay it? Will there be Social Security for those that have already paid into it? How far will we let them erode our civil liberties?

Or is it even worse than that. Find some information about the NeoConservative conspiracy and see if you're not scared for our future, too. I'm hoping to start a YahooGroup so that members can encourage each other to write letters and be active.

Will I ever get back to writing The Honored? Good question. I hope so. I'm just a little preoccupied at the moment. With these dismal thoughts, and with the MEFAs. Ainae has been working hard to get the results figured before the 15th. Things should let up after that.


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