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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Long time, no write

And I mean that in several ways. Well, I have been busy. Or rather, Ainaechoiriel has. Just because the MEFAs ended, didn't mean she was through with it. No, she had to format all the comments to put them on the web. She finally got that done though.

But really, it's the power outage that brings me around today. Since I can't access my computers remotely (because they don't turn on when there is no power at home), I'm left with lest diversions. So here I am.

How did the power come to be out? Well, we got snow. Now, the last I remember, the weatherman said if we got snow, it would be to the south of the city (where I'm not) and only a dusting. We got 3 inches or so. It's November, and fairly late November at that, so I'm not surprised we have snow. I'm not a snow-wimp.

But in the process of snowing, somehow the weather took down a tree that pulled on a powerline and caused the transformer to blow. I woke up at 6 am because I must have heard it. I saw through my window what looked, to my still-half-asleep eyes, like fireworks at the back of my neighbors' house. As it sparked my lights (or rather the lights on my clock, cable modem, stereo, etc.) would blink on and off. then finally they stayed off. So I called the power company and waited on hold for 40 minutes to talk with a human being.

The good news is that I got to come into work late and thus sleep in. Or rather go back to sleep. When I left, just before noon (after shovelling snow and manually opening my garage door) I saw the work crews at the next cross street. So hopefully, I'll have power by the time I go home this evening.

I still have one kitten too many. If you know of anyone who wants a cute little tabby boy kitty, drop me a line. He was born Aug. 11th and he's a frisky kitten who also loves to cuddle. He's developed these two spots of long hair just behind his ears like two little wings. I'll have to get a more recent picture of him. In the meantime, he's a link to his 12 or 13-week picture: Tabbyboy. The other three kittens have been adopted. The two girls went to the same family and are now named Angel and Wild Thing. As far as I know, Dice is still Dice. The longer Tabbyboy remains with me, the more I think I need to give him a more permanent name. So I'm trying to find something that will go with those "wings" he has. Like that Greek myth guy with wings on his heels. Who was that?


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