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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Leaning Toward a Liar

I still have heard nothing from my ex-housemate, or her "boss' or the "boss's wife". Given that lack of evidence, I'm leaning toward the "pathological liar" theory.

I have written one little Ezri scene and then moved on back over Chapter 2. I will try to get some more new stuff written this week.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Strange Days at the Ranch

Well, I don't actually live at a ranch, but the days certainly were strange. So, I think I've written about my housemate here. The one who was a month and a half late in arriving because of an accident in St. Louis? Well, she'd been living with me for a couple of months and everything seemed great. S he worked for a facility that helps get kids off of drugs and four of those facilities were going to order Pampered Chef stuff for their kitchens. I was about to have the best two months of my Pampered Chef career.

But the day to get the money for those orders kept getting put off and put off. I was getting impatient. Yet it was still another day and another day. I tried not to be angry about it. Didn't want to look a gift-horse in the mouth, you know.

Anyway, Tuesday, I spoke to my housemate by phone because I needed a phone number I'd left at home. She was out (getting the money, so she said) but she called when she got back home and gave me the number. When I got home from work, she wasn't there. Neither was the money as near as I could see. I went to choir practice (for the Billy Graham Crusade--it's going to be a huge choir!) and came home. Still she wasn't there. I figured she was working late.

I went to bed at 1am and still she wasn't there. I left a note for her to please leave the money where I could find it so I could take it to the bank in the morning.

In the morning I heard a guy on the radio say his basement was flooded. Made me think. So I tip-toed downstairs to see how my basement fared. It was wet. All over wet. I needed to see. I had already seen she wasn't in the bed, but when I turned on the light, worried that her things might be wet, I found nothing to worry about. Really. She had nothing down there.

Now, she had said she would be going to Colorado for a couple of days to get a kid, but this was ridiculous. Did she really think I'm that stupid? She took everything. All her clothes, her coffee maker and food, everything. I found the keys and the garage door opener pad in a drawer in the bathroom. You don't need all that stuff and then leave your keys behind for a couple of days.

She moved out. Suddenly, without notice, without even a good-bye.

I can draw two conclusions for this: 1) She is a pathological liar, and a talented one, at that. But I kept asking for the ficticious money and so she was going to have to come clean or clean out. She cleaned out. 2) She wasn't lying about her job, her boss, her boss's wife (who ordered quite a bit as well), the order, or the money. So why then leave in the middle of a month you've already paid rent for? That was about $7800 that was couriered down, that she and her co-worker had to sign for. You put the pieces together.

I've tried calling the boss's wife, but the number I was given is apparently not valid. I've e-mailed the boss, but it's a address, easily faked. I know the name of her co-worker but I can't find him--or at least not the specific him. You see the company she worked for is very private. I don't know the name or location. I'm lucky to know the name of her co-worker or boss. But is any of that true? I'm beginning to doubt. I'm leaning toward conclusion #1.

But on to the basement. We got drenched. My neighbor said that earlier in the morning he couldn't see my house from his porch. They're not that far away, folks. That's heavy rain. My pond had expanded to twice it's size at least and the ground was just super-saturated.

And so the water was coming through my basement walls. It was more than the drains could manage. So it flooded. By noon it had drained down to just wet for the most part. After work, my friend and I changed the door knobs on the entry doors of the house (just in case my housemate had made copies and intended to return and rob me. Paranoia wasn't such a bad idea in this case.) and then my new mom and aunt came by and helped sweep the remaining puzzles toward the drains downstairs.

By the time I was ready for bed--about 11:30. It was a draining day. No pun intended.--water was still seeping in, though not so much that the drains couldn't deal with it. Mud was coming in at one place, too.

I wanted to cry. I've only had the house for 7 months. It's not like I have a lot of equity for a home equity loan for a costly repair. So I prayed. I thanked God, giving Him credit for all I have: the house, the car, the talent, the imagination, the kitties, the dreams, everthing. And I asked Him to provide, and to make the water stop.

This morning I woke up and checked the basement. It's mostly dry. Prayer answered. Now I just need to see about how to fix it so the basement doesn't flood again. And trust that He will provide.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Commenting now available on this Blog

I'm just getting used to this, but you should be able to post a comment on this Blog now.

No, I haven't really been working on The Honored. Sigh. I want to, but those MEFAs are keeping Ainaechoiriel busy. And when she's busy, I'm busy, because of course, she is me. Or I'm her. Whichever. ;-)

That's all for today. Just wanted to post something to see if the comment thing came up.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Do we need to give them a good reason?

Last night I saw images of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US troops and I was shocked. I spent a few hours this morning browsing the web about it. And I'm still shocked. And outraged. And fearful, in a way, of the future. Hopeful in another.

Why fearful? Muslim terrorists already hate Americans. For good reasons perhaps, but undoubtedly for bad reasons. Did we really need to give them a good reason? That's what we've done. It's a little one-sided. They can do all kinds of things to US hostages (and other cuntries' too) that are just as shocking, but don't condemn themselves for it. Some of our people do this and now Americans are terrible. Well, they're right about one thing: we're hypocrits. Well, not all of us. The majority of Americans are as outraged about this as anyone. But our leadership. They are the ones that said we have to go in and free Iraq. They said Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. They said he was evil and needed to be removed from power. From what I've seen, they were right about him. But not right about the weapons of mass destruction.

Am I glad he's removed from power? Yes. Do I think Iraq is better off without him? Yes. Do I think they'd be better off under a democratic government? Yes.

Do I think we went into the invasion the right way? No. Not one bit. I felt Bush was a war-monger then and I think it now. If you believe in kharma (which I don't), it seems like just desserts, what is happening now. It was a cocky, arrogant US leader who thought he could just make up an excuse and invade a country without direct provocation and without international support.

And now, after the so-called war ended, more American soldiers are dying than during the war. And now this. We are the benevolent liberators of Iraq? Not when the Iraqi people have pictures like this, stories like this.

Peace between radical Muslims and Westerners, it would seem, is farther off than ever.

Why hopeful then? Well, anyone who knows me knows I'm no fan of the Republicans. Any bad news for the Bush front is hopeful news for the election. Maybe voters will have this, the lie about WMDs, the Medicare non-reform, the exponentially-rising deficit, the unemployment, the inflation, and other such things on their minds when it comes time to vote. I don't want to see Bush in that office for another four years.

I've never gotten political in this Blog before. Sorry. I just felt I had to express myself somewhere.

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