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I'm multifaceted and highly educated. I have a BA in History and an MA in Museum Studies. But I couldn't make a living in a museum, so my hobby--computers--became my living. I'm now a charter member Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician. I aspire to be a professional writer and/or poet. I am a Christian and have been living by His grace for the last four years or so, despite the MegaStress and now the GigaStress. He keeps me going, and displays His glory still, in my life.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Where have I been?

In a funk, apparently. Just a funk. Procrastination. E-mails come. I don't answer them. Answering machine messages get left. I don't get around to them. Don't know quite what to do about it, but I'm trying to get myself in order. Yesterday, I went through the mound of mail (snail) I had collected and sifted through it, paying bills, mailing stuff out, etc. It's a start.

Part of what put me in this funk is Enterprise. I've been trying to collect all the episodes. And now I hear they have cancelled it. I'm not as broken up about it as I was when DS9 ended, but I will miss it. On the bright side, it means I won't have to collect episodes past this spring.

And part of the funk is Ainaechoiriel's fault. I think she got burnt out and needed a bit of a break. And since she's me (my Elven alter ego), that means I got burnt out and needed a break. We're both hoping to get back in gear now. The MEFAs will be starting up again soon and we still don't have award titles sorted out. And we haven't been doing too awful much reading either. The ASC Awards are starting, too. (They're in check ballots now). I've not read much there either.

I'm going to admit something (somewhat) to those of you who bother to come here and read this blog. I am writing. Under a secret penname. I won't reveal that name. I'll leave that to guesswork. But I didn't want you thinking that I wasn't writing anything. I want to be writing The Honored, but darn, it the story just keeps taking a back seat to whatever other story wants to jump in the way, like said penname's.

    Status of Stories
  • Penname's: 2 chapters done, writing out of sequence
  • The Honored: 1 1/2 chapters done.
  • Purgatory: Right where we left it.