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I'm multifaceted and highly educated. I have a BA in History and an MA in Museum Studies. But I couldn't make a living in a museum, so my hobby--computers--became my living. I'm now a charter member Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician. I aspire to be a professional writer and/or poet. I am a Christian and have been living by His grace for the last four years or so, despite the MegaStress and now the GigaStress. He keeps me going, and displays His glory still, in my life.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Boy, has it been awhile!

Yep. Sorry about that. Life has been busy. I had a great birthday last week! Three days long! I got taken out to lunch on Thursday, had an informal cake and ice cream party on Friday, and was taken out to a fancy restaurant on the Plaza on Saturday! 33 ain't so bad!

And my polydactyl kitty turned a year old the same week. She's gotten fairly big and still has those lovely, big paws! Looks like big mittens. (I'm sure I wrote about her before: 23 toes in all.) Her name is Thumbellina, or Belle, for short, and she's a sweety!

In other busy-ness, Ainaechoiriel has started up the 2005 MEFAs with a brand new web site that handles all the nominations and votes, etc! Very cool to have that. Means less work for her, but still it keeps her busy.

And yes, I have been writing as my secret self. Chapter 3 was sent to my beta but I haven't heard from him yet.

    Status of Stories
  • Secret identy's story: waiting on beta of Ch. 3
  • The Honored: still where it was
  • Purgatory: still in purgatory