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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting Back on the Track... and other things

Real life and adoption get in the way of blogging and writing. Not that I begrudge adoption. It is the higher priority. So let's get real life out of the way.

My father died on February 2nd. He'd been "gone" a long while, so it was no shock. The shock is how young he was. He wasn't quite 50. Folks, if anyone is reading this, let me hold my father as an example of why alcohol is an evil. My father lost everything to it. He lost his jobs. He lost his family (first when my mother left him and took all us kids, and then when we kids stopped visiting). He lost his health and his mind. He became a ward of the state a few years ago and wouldn't have recognized us if we'd visited within the last year. And he finally lost his life. And it was all attributable to his alcoholism. And he couldn't stop it. It is an addiction and it is incredibly hard to quit, even after bouts of sobriety. But he did make the choice in the beginning to start. If you start, you might very well end up where he did.

On other fronts, Rob and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this month. We took a short vacation to celebrate. I took my first vacation day from my M-F job and took the weekend off from the Arabia. We went to Branson and had a good time. The best part, in my opinion, was the Titanic museum. I recommend that to anyone who comes. Oh, and after that, I am taking every other weekend off from the Arabia.

Because Rob is now back at the IRS for seasonal Data Entry. So his Pizza Hut job is all for the adoption now. At the moment, that means just Saturday evenings. I'm hoping that picks up. But he does get tips, so he made about as much this pay period as I did at the Arabia.

And now that we've reached our 3rd anniversary, we are going to apply to Nightlight Christian Adoptions. I have called WACAP today to tell them we are no longer interested in their services. We still need to talk to our social worker but I did speak to the director at our home study agency. So we're getting back on the ball.

Hopefully we'll hear from our social worker soon. We have some information to update with our home study, like my father's death and Rob's job/income. I hope to have the Nightlight application out with our application fee this week.

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