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Friday, April 28, 2006

Whew! I'm married!

Wow, haven't posted since October! Anyone who had read this blog might have suspected I died or something! Nope! But I did get married. Rather than tell the long story here, I'll give a link to our wedding website, where you can see some pictures and some details about the wedding:

And I can say the months leading up to it were full of stress and busy, busy, busy! But not altogether bad, though that choice of words may make it sound so. No, just trying to plan a wedding in 6 months is not easy. And I did have some grief from certain members of my family. Not opposed to the marriage. Just being who they are. Read the previous posts and you might even be able to guess who gave the grief.

Anywho, I'm now Mrs. Gabrielle Leanne Lawson Person. Chose to make my maiden name a middle name. I will still write under Gabrielle Lawson. When I find the time to write. Yep, it's hard! Barely wrote in the months leading up to the wedding. A few times I worked under my secret penname on that story. I took my notebooks (paper and computer) as well as my Clie on the honeymoon but was too busy for writing. Heck, I couldn't even keep up with my journal. According to it, we're still in Teplice!

We are now in the process of getting the house back in order. The bedroom was done, as was the living room, bathroom, and kitchen. The living room and bedroom are going in their normal downhill state. Meaning the clutter is building to a big problem. But we still haven't gotten the office and basement (or garage) done. The basement is a priority as the rainy season is upon us. We don't normally use "rainy season" in Missouri like they do in, say, Indonesia, but when you have a basement that leaks....

So that's why we've got to work on the basement this weekend. Nothing perishable must be touching the floor. It took a super-rain to flood that basement with an inch of water from wall to wall a couple of years ago. Haven't had another one like it since, but still had some leaks around the walls last year. So everything must be either non-soakable or up on some sort of legs. We'll probably go looking for some cheap bricks to prop things up.

The office needs organizing. Everything from the living room went in there when we had the living room carpet cleaned and not everything came back out. Other things have discovered the law of gravity with the help of feline explorers. So some cleanup. And then filing. More than a year's worth of filing. Yep, I've been behind. The garage sound like fun in comparison.

Beyond that, I have to finish editing the honeymoon photos, post the wedding photos so family and friends can print as they wish. And I really must get the rest of the Thank You cards printed to send out.

And maybe I can find the time and inspiration to write in there somewhere.

    Status of Stories
  • The Honored: Actually tried to work on it during a concert. Prompted me to write an excerpt from Max Zeidl's book, To the Fallen. Since it's 1st person, it's tricky.
  • Purgatory: Right where I left it.
  • Secret penname's story: Working on chapter 4 every now and then, still imagining the end, darn it!