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Gabrielle Lawson, writer of Fanfiction. I will use this space to keep a journal about my writing, the progress I'm making, stories I'm working on, writer's blocks I'm having, our adoption process and progress and just life in general.

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I'm multifaceted and highly educated. I have a BA in History and an MA in Museum Studies. But I couldn't make a living in a museum, so my hobby--computers--became my living. I'm now a charter member Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician. I aspire to be a professional writer and/or poet. I am a Christian and have been living by His grace for the last four years or so, despite the MegaStress and now the GigaStress. He keeps me going, and displays His glory still, in my life.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Very Long Time Indeed

Sorry about that, I've just been super busy with things. Like having a boyfriend. Yep, you read that right. Been seeing each other since February and things are moving nicely if slowly. So that's kept me busy. Add the MEFAs to that and you'll guess why I haven't been writing much.

On the other hand, I did write a very short CSI piece. Not thinking of branching out into yet another fandom or anything. This little story just came to me as a fellow trauma victim. Greg got blown up a couple years ago. Nick just got buried alive and eaten by fire ants. He could use a friend who understand. That's all it is.

I really am feeling the jones to write though. So maybe there'll be a let up in my other activities. I want to start scheduling an hour each day or even a half hour if that's all I can manage.